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Sworn Translators certified by The
Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
We have a team of interpreters of all languages to help you in your conferences, meetings, presentations or company visits. Contact us and we will advise you on the type of interpretation you need:
Sworn interpretation
Our Sworn Interpreters certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs will accompany you to court or notary public offices whenever an official Sworn Interpreter is required.

Escort interpreter
Used in small meetings or visits to companies or trade fairs. Greatly enhances the ability to communicate and saves the customer from having to struggle with a foreign language. The translation work is left to the interpreter, leaving the customer free to concentrate on what he or she needs to convey.

Consecutive interpretation
Used in company meetings. The interpreter notes down the contents of the speech given by each speaker and then translates the speech to the other participants. No technical equipment is required, apart from perhaps a microphone for the speaker when there are many participants.

Simultaneous interpretation
Used in congresses or meetings with a large number of participants. The interpreters perform their work in cabins and translate as the speaker or the participants speak.

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